Whether you are a long-time local resident or a first-time visitor, this guided tour is a great way to learn about Santa Barbara’s unique past while walking along (and a few blocks behind) our beautiful waterfront. Topics covered include:

  • Early explorers and the Channel Islands
  • Saint Barbara and the Lone Woman of San Nicholas Island
  • The Chumash Indians and life under the Missions 
  • SB train station
  • 1925 Earthquake and impact on SB’s architecture
  • Los Banos del Mar; how SB achieved health resort fame 
  • Stearns Wharf and the unbelievable dolphin fountain story
  • Potter Hotel: A 5 star hotel for the rich and famous
  • Moreton Bay Fig Tree. Spoiler Alert:  It is NOT the biggest in the U.S. 
  • 1969 Oil Spill: Catalyst to the Environmental Movement?
  • SB Yacht Harbor: An engineering feat or folly?
  • Sambos Restaurants:  It all started here
  • Funk Zone:  Warehouse district transformed into wine tasting boutiques and art galleries

In addition to these main points of interest, you will learn fascinating facts about Santa Barbara’s past that even locals are largely unaware of.  Finally, your tour guide has hand-selected key old photos (11 x 17) to help place you “back in time” for those places of interest addressed on the tour. 

Tour Days and Times: TBD