1) Can I show up and get on the tour without a reservation?   Usually.  However, it is highly recommended you call or text in advance (650) 576-4145 to ensure the tour is running.  

2) What if I’m late?    If you are late, say by 15 minutes, you can still catch up with the tour at the second stop, very near where the tour begins.  You should be able to spot the group and your guide wearing a red baseball cap.

3) Is the tour really free? Yes though tips (cash only) are graciously accepted at the end of the tour, 15% of which is given to local charity.  

4) Are leashed dogs allowed? No       Strollers?  Yes   

5) Are restrooms available along the tour route?   Yes, but it is highly recommended one use the restroom located inside the Maritime Museum before starting the tour.  

6) Is the route wheelchair accessible?  Yes, though the route may change slightly.  (Note: we cross over train tracks, twice.)  If someone in your party is in a wheelchair, please let John know when you book the tour.

7) Could the tour be cancelled if an insufficient number of people sign up?  Yes. The minimum is four (4) persons.   Should the minimum not be met – and you made a reservation –  you will be notified via email.

8) Could bad weather cause a tour to be cancelled? Generally, only if it’s raining.

9) How strenuous is the walk?   The approximate 2 hour walk (1.5 mile one-way) is not strenuous and is over level ground but persons are expected to keep up with the group’s pace/tour guide.  Except for six stops – where some seating is available on grass or cement wall – you will need to stand for 5 to 8 minutes before the group proceeds to the next stop.  Most stops are in the shade. 

10) What should I wear/bring?  Casual, layered clothing and comfortable walking shoes or sandals and a hat.  Something to drink recommended as is suntan lotion.

11) Will the tour group return to the point where it started (Harbor Entrance)? No, the tour terminates at the Visitor Center about 1.3 miles from our starting point.  See parking “tip” under “About the Tour”.

12) Can I arrange a private tour/select a different date and time than that shown on the reservation calendar?   Yes. However, there is a $10 per person charge and a 4 person minimum.  Please contact me via e-mail and let me know what date(s) you have in mind.

Tour days and times:  TBD     Reserve your spot today!